My name is Samer Bawab, and I am a 1st generation born American with two brothers.  One of which is a fraternal twin (Leroy) who was born 5 minutes ahead of me, so I guess that makes me the baby in the family. I also have an older brother named Omar who is 33 and he is awesome!  Some other cool things about me include my ability to speak fluent Hungarian, since my mom taught the language to me growing up and spending a great deal of time together.   My dad is from Beirut, Lebanon and recently moved back after my parents divorced.   I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit him once a year and also explore much of the Middle East, including Doha and Dubai.  

My Ethnicity


My Brothers :)


Omar and Leroy (Left to Right) 


My Loving Father

I love you so much Dad :) 


My Beautiful and Caring Mother

I love you so much Mom 

My Hometown


My Career / Work 




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